Powers Farley provides personal, responsive, and high-quality legal services to clients in Idaho and the Pacific Northwest.

Navigating Health Care-Related Litigation With Skill

At Powers Farley, we know and understand health care law. We offer a full range of legal services when responding to and anticipating the rapid change in health care law. Powers Farley is able to efficiently advise and assist clients in various health care-related matters including:

  • consolidation and affiliations of physician group practices;
  • malpractice claims;
  • antitrust matters;
  • counseling clients on employment and credentialing matters, medical staff development, and so-called “loyalty credentialing” issues; and
  • representing clients in professional licensing and disciplinary matters.

In the exceedingly complex world of healthcare-related law, Powers Farley provides reliable counsel for individual practitioners, health care facilities, and practice groups. Clients throughout Idaho have recognized the firm as a leader in healthcare-related legal disputes. Powers Farley offers access to decades of experience in interpreting and understanding policies, procedures, protocols, standards, and regulations related to healthcare professionals.

At Powers Farley, we know the processes used at hospitals to care for patients from obtaining patient consent, to types of testing, to surgical procedures, as well as nursing care. We have an understanding of lab, radiology, pathology, and operative reports. We know how to wade through volumes of medical records. We know what can be expected of hospital care. We know physicians who can assist us in better understanding the medicine. With our unique knowledge, we know when appropriate medical care has been delivered – and when that care has been deficient.

With more than 100 years of experience in professional liability litigation, Powers Farley attorneys offer the expertise needed in cases involving professional malpractice claims.

Discuss Litigation And Other Medical-Related Legal Issues

For physicians, strong representation often begins with having an understanding attorney that can provide timely and correct advice.  Once an issue arises, having the right attorney can mean the difference in a successful or unsuccessful outcome, whether that is in a PSLP hearing or a credentialing issue with a hospital.  Please contact Ray Powers or Portia Rauer to speak with an experienced litigator capable of handling your medicine-related dispute.