Powers Farley provides personal, responsive, and high-quality legal services to clients in Idaho and the Pacific Northwest.

Personal Injury Defense

At Powers Farley, we have in-depth knowledge about how the body works, how the body gets injured, what causes the injuries, and how those injuries are treated. We have specialized knowledge in spinal injuries, including herniated discs, fractures, spinal stenosis, nerve impingement, radiculopathy, spondylolisthesis, and paralysis. We know the types of treatment available when the body is injured and how the body heals. We know physicians who can assist us in understanding a variety of injuries, the medicine involved and the treatment options.

Our depth of experience results in each of our attorneys having a comprehensive understanding of how matters related to insurance may impact compensation for injuries and other damages, how government programs such as Medicare and the Affordable Care Act may impact damage recoveries, as well as the impact insurance has on decision-making in business transactions and litigation.

Understanding The Insurance Contract

Insurance touches virtually every part of life in our society. The attorneys at Powers Farley have a working knowledge of the types of insurance policies that may be involved and their terms and conditions.  Our coverage attorneys also have a vast foundation of knowledge that includes an understanding of insurance company operations and claims-handling practices, problems arising in claim-handling that can lead to breach of contract and bad faith-related claims, as well as numerous insurance policy coverage-related issues that arise across the spectrum of commercial and personal lines policies.  This knowledge allows the firm’s attorneys to provide advice and opinions on coverage matters, as well as defend against bad faith litigation.

At Powers Farley, we understand that the subject of insurance and its impact on policyholders and insurance companies is often complex. We focus on applying our knowledge of the many practical and legal considerations involved in this area of the law, as well as our effective skills in evaluating and managing complex insurance-related problems, to provide a level of services to our clients that transcend what may be found in other run-of-the mill litigation practices.

Defending The Attorney

Powers Farley regularly defends attorneys against claims of malpractice and professional rules violations.  This practice encompasses both civil litigation, as well as disciplinary board matters before the Idaho State Bar and Bar Counsel’s Office.  The strength of Powers Farley’s personal injury practice allows its attorneys to strongly advocate for its clients in instances where an attorney’s handling of a prior suit or personal injury claim is called into question.